Human Rights Event Brochure

A brochure for the University of Bedfordshire.

Our Customer

The University of Bedfordshire commissioned us to create a brochure for the event “Human Rights & Migration: movement, settlement & peace”.

About the event: The event will deepen knowledge and understanding of the contexts and extent of forced migration and human rights atrocities and abuses occurring in different regions across the globe.

Students and academics from disciplines in all faculties of the University of Bedfordshire will participate. Former survivors of war and violations, representatives from local and national organisations, and local Councilors will join us. Collectively we will learn about the contexts of forced migration and human rights atrocities and abuses occurring across the globe and explore the consequences for individuals, families and our transnational communities.

In collaboration with university students we have designed and printed A2 brochure and poster.

Experimenting and planning the layout

COntent and layout

We have carefully designed the layout of the brochure to enhance the most valuable information about the event: date, time and programme. The brochure contains all the most beneficial layout design practices to make it appealing and easy to read.

The design process included:

  • Layout and format experimentations which examined content and printing cost;
  • Selections of most relevant typefaces;
  • Preparation of the mockups and test;
  • Multiple revisions, testing and corrections;

The poster as part of the brochure

The Poster design

We made the brochure more interesting by designing an A2 poster, printed on the brochure reverse. It contains the relevant quote: ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’, translated into 4 languages.

The poster development included:

  • Research about the event ;
  • Creating custom elements like a map, icons, and text translation;
  • Preparation of mockups and test printing;
  • Clients revisions and corrections ;

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