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Online portfolio with user friendly CMS.

Our Customer.

Karolina Bednarz is a Graphic Designer based in Luton, UK specialising in Digital Design, UI and branding. She is accepting clients for digital products design, front end web development and branding.

Karolina reached out to Design-et.com to design and develop simple to navigate and expandable portfolio to display her work and provide potential employers with an easy way to contact her. This portfolio website was a small project. 

The main design contains three central pages and gives customer option to expand the website with additional project portfolio pages. Website project contained website site map planning, content placement and development focused around SEO.

Artist introduction & projects swiper.


We have designed easy to explore, relevant portfolio design focusing on the artists work and interests. In the portfolio projects, it is important to focus on the goals of the client, which in this case was employment.

The design and development process included:

  • User Experience research on what users & employers look for visiting personal websites;
  • Create users roadmaps and group brainstorming on how to clearly translate artists interests into visuals;
  • Preparation of interactive portfolio website mockups;
  • Clients revisions and corrections as well as market research;
  • Front End implementation in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

WordPress CMS development for customer usability.

Solid Core & expandable projects pages.

To accompany the home page, about and contact pages designs we have chosen to develop the website base on the most popular CMS – WordPress. It all to make it easy for future portfolio updates.

Features provided for future website updates:

  • Simplicity makes it possible to get online and get publishing, quickly;
  • Publishing with Ease;
  • Media Management helps manage all images and videos necessary for displaying portfolio work;
  • Ready made templates created specially for the user uploads.


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