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My ID app is a conceptual project aiming to help universities and companies create easy to use identification system among students and employes. ‘Convenient, easy to use and essential!’. We have created a solution which allows digitalising the way companies approach identification and clock-in systems. We offer and sell the product to small and medium businesses who may benefit from the application and online ID system on android and iOS.

In the first stage of project Design et. of creating an app we have brainstormed ideas and came up with features of the product like contactless technology, QR barcodes as well as customer road maps to achieve the most intuitive and appropriate app map for the app and initial designs of the layouts. The next step was to prepare visual language cohesive with the brand.

The end product contains design files with app map, content, illustrations, optimised icons and custom graphics and well as document guiding future development team.

Customer road map and app content map.

Customer Centred, intuitive navigation design

We have designed a user-centred platform with an online ID feature. The application contains all best form design practices to make customer’s journey from the start to the purchase easy and intuitive.

The design process included:

  • User Experience research on how customers interact with the previous version of the app;
  • Create customer roadmaps and group brainstorming on how to improve user experience when shopping online;
  • Preparation of interactive app mockups;
  • Multiple revisions, testing and corrections as well as market research;

Application content design & custom elements.

customer-friendly and standing out visually Application elements

To accompany the process of user research and customer journey, we have developed high-standard graphic elements like icons, buttons and images compliant with the branding as well as rich content.

The visual development process included:

  • User Experience research on how customers interact with the previous version of the website;
  • Creating consistent custom elements like buttons, typeface illustrations and photos;
  • Preparation of interactive application mockups;
  • Clients revisions and corrections as well as market research;
  • Writing a design document with guide for future development team.

Bespoke Design

Our design is based on in depth customer research and customer journey testing.

Security features

Design is based around security. We have included many major verification steps and integration with passwords, touch and face id.

Custom Visuals

We have provided custom UI Element like icons, buttons, forms and images.

responsive Design

Design is fully responsive and performs well on tablets and mobile devices.


Quick answers to your questions.

Mobile applications increase customer engagement. Your business can use an app or multiple apps to improve your processes and increase the level of accessibility for your customers. Example of the online store app is a new beneficial and handy way for customers to shop.

The purpose of a mobile app is to seamlessly connect and interact with customers, making it a valuable tool for the modern business. It allows you to resolve customer questions, makes them aware of the discounts or offers you are providing, gives a platform to directly interact with your company.

There are various benefits of having a website and the app. If you aspire to begin to grow your online business or introduce your idea to the world, the best way to do it is to build a website for your project. It will make you noticeable online and make potential customers get to know your business. Building an application for the new company is not as beneficial.

Form the other hand apps can work faster than websites. A well-designed mobile app can perform actions much quicker than a mobile website. Apps usually store their data locally on mobile devices, in contrast to websites and web servers. If you have established yourself online and want to improve the way customers interact with your platform, it’s time to consider app development.

Small apps with a few basic features will cost you between £7,000-£11,000 when choosing to develop your app with us. This is a great price for the value we provide.

While more complex projects with multiple features can typically cost company £50,000 or more.

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