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Susan Bartrop Coaching Consultancy Logo, Brand Guides and business cards design.

Our Customer

Susan Bartrop is a psycho-spiritual coach focusing on using the science of psychology and the purity of spirit in order to maintain a helpful and positive outlook on life. Working holistically using Yoga and therapeutic methods, I support businesses and clients in promoting well-being and improving emotional and psychological health.

Susan reached out to us to design a logo and brand identity elements like business cards. In the first stage of the project, we did research on the customer base, Susan’s services and her competitors. The next step was to prepare visual language cohesive with what the brand and design a logo and brand strategy based on that.

The end product contains logo files, brand guidelines, business cards files and print with illustrations and custom graphics.


Minimalistic and timeless.


The logo looks excellent compared with other consultancies.


Elegant and minimal.


Logo signature makes your emails look creditable.

Business Cards

Elegant and sparkling conversation business cards with a motivational quote on the back.

Breathe in the wonder of every moment

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